We've partnered with Kobo to bring you the best in eReading. It's easy to get started. Kobo offers over 3 million eBook titles—including bestsellers, hidden gems, Indie Next List great reads and other recommendations—which can be downloaded instantly over WiFi, making it the ultimate in convenience. Take your library with you wherever you go—Kobo eReaders store up to 1,000 eBooks.


Kobo Glo—read comfortably day or night. Just $129.99

  • ComfortLight: Kobo's innovative front lit display directs light at the page. No more tired eyes!
  • High Resolution Screen: The XGA screen puts "more ink on the page" with 210 pixels per inch for crisper text.
  • Faster CPU: With a 1 GHz processor, the Kobo Glo is faster and smarter.
  • Customizable Options: Choose from 7 font styles and 24 font sizes as well as exclusive weight and sharpness settings.

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Kobo Aura H20—the first premium waterproof* eReader! Just $179.99

  • Worry-free eReading: Kobo Aura H20's waterproof* and dustproof design gives you the freedom to read anywhere–from the bed to the beach to the bathtub–without worry.
  • No more glare: With an extra-large, no-glare 6.8" screen, the Kobo Aura H20 fits perfectly in your hand and reads like print on paper–even in direct sunlight
  • Ultimate clarity: Kobo Aura H20 takes E Ink clarity to the next level. ClarityScreen+ delivers an incredibly crisp, clear reading experience.
  • ComfortLight: No more tired eyes! Read comfortably day or night with Kobo's innovative front lit display that directs light at the page, not your eyes.
  • A mobile library: Kobo Aura HD goes where you go, making it possible to pack up to 3,000 eBooks in your carry on and enjoy up to two months of uninterrupted reading on a single charge.**

*IP67 Certified. Waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 1M of water with port cover closed.

**Based on 30 minutes of reading a day. Battery life depends upon individual use.


Kobo Aura HD—the eReader, re-imagined. Just $149.99

  • Enhanced eReading: Get lost in your favourite eBooks thanks to Kobo Aura HD's advanced, high-resolution, extra-large screen and elegant, inspired design.
  • Ultimate clarity: Kobo Aura HD takes E Ink clarity to the next level. ClarityScreen+ delivers an incredibly crisp, clear reading experience.
  • Designed for readers: Kobo Aura HD was designed to fit perfectly in your hand, just as a hardcover does, for a truly immersive reading experience.
  • A mobile library: Kobo Aura HD goes where you go, making it possible to pack up to 3,000 eBooks in your carry on and enjoy up to two months of uninterrupted reading on a single charge.*

* Based on 30 minutes of reading a day. Battery life depends upon individual use.

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Why Kobo?

10 million book lovers around the world have embraced Kobo eReading. Just like us, Kobo is passionate about books.

Kobo eReading Catalog

Kobo has a world-class eReading catalog with over 3 million eBook titles. When you create an account with Kobo through our web page, you can shop for books just like you would in our store.

Kobo Free eReading Apps

Please set up your Kobo account through our link so that when you purchase eBooks you are supporting this store.

Kobo is all about being open so you can read however you want. Once you download their free app to your smartphone, desktop, or tablet, your eBooks, PDFs, ePubs, and even your bookmarks, are in sync—start on one device and pick up on another and never lose your place.

Kobo Ease of Use and Customer Care

The Kobo experience is flexible, easy, and enjoyable. Pick up great indie-recommended and bestseller eBook titles, as well as staff picks. Got questions? Kobo offers first-rate Reader support from 8am to midnight (EST) every day.

A Kobo eReader for everyone

Kobo has released a line of new eReading devices, including Kobo Mini and Kobo Glo. These devices offer everything you already love about reading, like a no-glare E Ink screen that displays like print on paper. But with a Kobo eReader you get way more convenience, like storage—both Kobo Mini and Kobo Glo can store up to 1,000 eBooks—and the ease and accessibility of downloading over built-in WiFi. Once you've set up a Kobo account through our link, with each Kobo eBook you purchase, you are supporting this store.

How do I get started buying eBooks?

It's as easy as One, Two, Three:

  1. 1. Set up your Kobo account at Kobo.com via your Kobo Mini or Glo eReader, or through the link on our website.
  2. 2. Login to kobo.com with your new account to browse, search for, and buy eBooks.
  3. 3. Start reading! Download the free Kobo reading app here to read on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. (You can also purchase eBooks through the app. Sign into the app with your new Kobo account and continue to support this store. We sure do appreciate it!)

Questions? Contact the Kobo Help Line directly at help@kobobooks.com, or 1.855.202.4098 (8am – midnight EST)

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many eBooks are in the Kobo database? And how many titles are available for purchase in the US?

A: Kobo's entire library is available to all customers. They currently have over 3 million eBooks and are constantly updating their library and adding new releases. Newspapers and magazines are also available for purchase in the Kobo Store.

Q: Are foreign languages like German and Russian supported on the devices?

A: Foreign languages are supported on the Kobo Glo. As of October 2012, the interface can be set to English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian and European), and Italian.

Q: What if I already own an earlier generation Kobo eReader? Can I shop for eBooks through your store?

A: Yes. You will need to establish a new Kobo account by following the link to Kobo on our website. Then when you next use your device, sign out of the old account and sign in using the new account name. You can then search and buy eBooks either through the device or through the web and continue your much-appreciated support this store.

Q: What about the Google eBooks already in my library on my device?

A: You will continue to be able to access them via your Google account. However, the IndieBound Reader app was designed specifically to interface with Google eBooks and will no longer be supported after January 2013. If desired, you can load your Google eBooks to a new Kobo device using Adobe Digital Editions. Please see this video produced by Google for a step-by-step guide to transferring your Google eBooks to your new Kobo eReader.

Q: Does Kobo allow sharing of books between Kobo devices, like Kindle and Nook do?

A: At this time it is not possible for a Kobo customer to lend or share eBooks from their library with another person. The eBooks in your Kobo library are tied directly to your account and password.

Q: Once purchased, if a book is DRM protected, is there a limit to the number of downloads?

A: If a file is DRM protected, it may be downloaded 6 times in total. This restriction is set forth by the publisher and is the same for all DRM files.

More questions and answers, from Kobo, are below.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to support this bookstore and before shopping at the Kobo store, please set up your Kobo account either through a device purchased at our store or via the links from our website.


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