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On this site, select the appropriate quarter and fill in any of the search fields. All titles that are available online are also available in the store, so if a book is listed as "currently unavailable," then it is not yet in stock. Please continue to check back as required textbooks may be added at a later date.

Yes. Purchase textbooks online before 4:00 pm for free next day delivery to the Shoreline campus Bookstore for a limited time; staff will be available in the campus Bookstore in the lower level of the PUB (room 9114) to answer questions and help order textbooks. This service is provided free of charge. Textbook pickup will be available at the Bookstore information desk (9114). Personal ID is required.

Yes, with a receipt! The last day to return your textbooks will be listed on your receipt. New books must be in new condition (no water damage, highlighting, dog-eared pages, etc.). Pre-packaged course supply kits and books that are accompanied by software must be un-opened. Your University Book Store sales receipt is always required.

Yes. Textbook BuyBack is available year-round, at all University Book Store locations, during regular store hours. We pay up to 50% of the new price for your textbooks—in cash or, for an additional 10%, as in-store credit. Textbook Buyback applies to UW, Cascadia, City University of Seattle, Cornish, Digipen, Shoreline Community College, and the high schools we serve, and all other U.S. colleges. Current high school or college ID required.

During quarter finals, textbooks that will be used in the upcoming quarter will be bought back for up to 50% of the new book price, unless one of the following events occurs:

  • The instructor has not requested the book for the next quarter. (Textbooks that will not be used in the upcoming semester will be bought back at market value.)
  • We have already bought back as many copies of the book as we need.
  • There is a more recent edition available.
  • The book has no national market demand.
  • The book is not in resalable condition.

You do not need your receipt to sell back your books; however, you must provide a valid high school or college ID.

Orders will be filled from stock on hand. If you request to receive used copies when none are available, we will substitute it with a new copy or delete the title from your order (please select your preference during checkout). In either case, we will ship all items in your order together.

Processing time to shipping for titles in stock is currently 1–3 days. For titles that are not readily available, will we contact you via email with revised information on the availability of your selection(s).

For details and information please contact the Textbooks Online Order Department at 1.800.335.7323 (or 206.634.3400 in the Seattle area), extension 333.

Current information on shipping rates for textbooks can be found here.

Contact the University Book Store's textbook department toll free at 1.800.335.7323 for information about your textbook order.

  • Save your receipt. It is required for returns.
  • Preference for USED or NEW textbooks will be followed depending on availability.
  • Course Packs, Class Notes, CDs and Software, Lab Manuals, and Workbooks are available only as NEW.

If you cannot find a course or section, the instructor has not submitted an order to University Book Store.

Shoreline Resources

Textbook Refund Policy & Deadlines

Full refunds are available for 7 days from the start of classes. Refund deadlines are the last days for students to return textbooks in their original condition with receipt for a full refund. Textbooks cannot be returned after a class has ended.

If you drop/withdraw from a class you can return your book within 14 days after the start of classes (full term courses only). A Proof of drop/withdrawal is required at the time of return. This excludes Rented Textbooks.

Shoreline C.C. Bookstore / U District Store Refund Times

  • Fall:
    • Shoreline C.C. Store: October 2 – 4, 2017, from 9am – 4pm*
    • U District Store: October 4, 2017*

*Please visit any of our participating University Book Store branches outside of these times.

Textbook Buyback

Shoreline C.C. Bookstore / U District Store BuyBack Times

  • Summer:
    • Shoreline C.C. Store: June 14 - 16: 10am-3pm*
    • Shoreline C.C. Store: June 28 - 30: 9am-4pm*

*Please visit any of our participating University Book Store branches outside of these times.