University Book Store Board of Trustees

University Book Store is a corporate trust governed by an eleven-member board of trustees consisting of University of Washington students, faculty and staff and the Book Store's Chief Executive Officer. The Trustees also serve as Directors of University Book Store, Inc.

Trustees for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015 are:

Nancy Gershenfeld

  • Nancy Gershenfeld

  • President
  • Faculty Trustee

Burgess Malarkey

  • Burgess Malarkey

  • Vice President
  • Student Trustee

Sharee Squires

  • Sharee Squires

  • Secretary
  • Student Trustee

Don Downing

  • Don Downing

  • Treasurer
  • Faculty Trustee
  • Clinical Professor, UW School of Pharmacy

Thom Deardorff

  • Thom Deardorff

  • Administrative Trustee

Peter Meiusi

  • Peter Meiusi

  • Student Trustee

Mary Ann Odegaard

  • Mary Ann Odegaard

  • Faculty Trustee

Kanokbhorn Saha

  • Kanokbhorn Saha

  • Student Trustee

Emily Thompson

  • Emily Thompson

  • Student Trustee

Adam Warren

  • Adam Warren

  • Faculty Trustee

Louise Little

  • Louise Little

  • Trustee
  • Chief Executive Officer, University Book Store
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